Pakefield secondary school BeMS installation completed

Pakefield is the first new secondary school opened in Suffolk for over 25 years and Phase 1 has been built by Suffolk County Council at a cost of £12 million. This massive investment in education for the children of South Lowestoft is designed to provide the facilities and resources needed to deliver excellent teaching and learning and it is Pakefield’s over-arching aim to be outstanding from the start.

The new building houses all the specialist accommodation for the school. It includes: a suite of 6 science laboratories and classrooms, 6 technology rooms for resistant materials, food, textiles and graphics, an enormous art suite that can be subdivided into 3 separate classrooms or opened out into a warehouse-size art centre of over 300 square metres, a media centre, a music suite with two classrooms and 6 practice rooms, a dance and performance hall, a full size main hall, a learning resource centre and three large breakout spaces for individual or small group learning. The two wings of the building meet in a central, internal street that is covered with a roof made of the same material that covers the Eden Project in Cornwall. The Street will be used also for teaching and learning and as an informal gathering place for pupils.

Pakefield High School Priva BMS This school has been equipped with 8 new panels situated both indoor and outdoor to provide optimum performance yet be highly efficient in control and power consumption. There is an Energy Centre panel which controls a Biomass boiler; 2 rooftop panels controlling Air conditioning, Air handling Units, environmental conditions (Temp, Humidity, CO2, and air pressure for the Biosphere Atrium) ;and there are remote panels throughout the school for control of under floor heating. All information gathered by the system is easily viewed on the front end or Via the web server.