We are very excited to have recently completed the second phase of the HVAC control works at the Stapleford Granary Arts and Music Centre work in tandem with NCC Mechanical Services.

The Granary has been converted into a specialised study centre, offering an inspirational and historic platform for the arts and music in south Cambridge.

The old granary and barns, until recently, have stood derelict, however due to the charitable efforts of the ACE foundation, the buildings have, and continue to undergo significant transformation, giving the buildings a new lease of life. When creating the blueprint for the renovations, the charity foundation decided to adopt cutting edge technology in managing the buildings energy consumption and their environmental obligations.

Universal Systems and Controls were tasked with the design, installation and commissioning of two BMS control panels, to assist with the complex task of creating building heat systems and controlled natural ventilation, which is integrated to the Priva BMS via a BACnet connection.

With the installation of wind speed and weather sensors, the ventilation is automatically controlled by the BMS, based on internal and external temperatures and CO2 readings. There is minimal control required by the user as the BMS will provide optimum comfort for the occupants, based on these external factors.


There are many benefits to Natural Ventilation, these include reduced energy consumption of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems, our installation will also ensure there is no unsightly pipe-work or duct penetrations, an important factor when dealing with the transformation of such historical buildings.

We look forward to working with Stapleford Granary in the future, ensuring that their new Building Management System is constantly working with the building, enabling the best possible environment for the occupants and future guests of this wonderful centre.