Refrigeration Control Panels

Refrigerated foods are one of the fastest growing sectors of the grocery and foodservice industries.

USC have over 35 years of experience with the servicing, commision and design of refrigeration control panels

Continued success relies upon effective management of the ‘cold chain’, a term used to describe the series of interdependent operations in the production, distribution, storage and retailing of chilled and frozen foods. Control of the cold chain is vital to preserve the safety and quality of refrigerated foods and comply with legislative directives and industry ‘codes of practice’.

With 35 years of experience within the refrigeration industry, USC is well equipped to service, commission systems and undertake ‘Temperature Monitoring Design via the Data Manager PRO510 DM Touch.  Our comprehensive range of refrigeration solutions and refrigeration repair services have been designed to accommodate the needs of your temperature controlled environment in a variety of commercial environments.  You can drive cold chain innovation using integrated solutions that increase effectiveness and reduce food waste, ensuring your clients satisfaction by simplifying the process.

We use RDM next-generation cold chain management systems that gather immediate temperature data and offers front-end access to all data points via simple, easy-to-read dashboards, which processes your data and interpret and actions insights in real time, enabling you to extract the information you need to make informed decisions about your business at a glance.

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The Cold Chain

  1. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain a desired low-temperature range. It is used to preserve and to extend and ensure the shelf life of products, such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.
  2. A common temperature range for a cold chain in pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8 °C (36 to 46 °F). but the specific temperature (and time at temperature) tolerances depend on the actual product being stored, whilst taking into account environmental issues such as air quality levels (carbon dioxide, oxygen, humidity and others) liquid levels or manual intervention.  Temperature control is essential to control bacterial growth. If the temperature becomes compromised, then a food safety risk can show up.


Why is correct cold chain temperature important?

The cold chain ensures that perishable products are safe and of a high quality at the point of consumption. Failing to keep product at the correct temperatures can result in a variety of negative attributes including, among others, textural degradation, discoloring, bruising and microbial growth. Moreover, a quality product leads to a satisfied customer, greater demand, and overall protection of public health.

Where do problems occur?

It is recognised that actions taken in one part of the food supply chain can adversely affect another part for varying reasons, this can include inadequate insulation, damaged refrigeration apparatus, poor pre-cooling, poor monitoring and vapour migration of temperatures, . Regulating the temperature is essential to control bacterial growth. If the temperature becomes compromised, a food safety hazard can occur. To reduce waste, organisations must ensure that rapid and consistent cooling, refrigeration and/or freezing for applicable products takes place at each stage of the chain.

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RDM Product Features

RDM refrigeration products are built with the entire Cold Chain in mind and come with a host of features for reducing energy consumption whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the refrigeration equipment.


Energy monitoring and savings features available for the DMTouch (built in or via activation) include meter monitoring, pack optimisation, night blinds check, defrost warning, trim heater control, and more. The DMTouch is also ETL certified.

Pack Controllers

Our fully featured pack, super pack and trans critical CO2 controllers are high performance devices with an impressive array of inputs and outputs. In addition, the controllers come with built-in energy monitoring and saving features like heat reclaim, suction pressure optimisation, and inverter drive control as standard.

Case Controllers

Our Mercury refrigeration controllers offer high quality and reliable case control to satisfy the most demanding of case control applications. In addition, built-in energy saving features help to reduce running costs.

Sensors and temperature tracking

For standalone temperature logging where wired controls would be difficult, the Shuttle Temperature Logger (PR0455) is the ideal product. Battery powered, the Shuttle Logger can store more than 16,000 logs and comes with desktop software for the analysis of data.
For truly wireless integrated control, the RDM Wireless Mesh Sensor (PR0733) allows for temperature logging and auto connection to a wireless mesh network when it becomes available. Typical use cases might include a pallet of fresh produce, with the Wireless Mesh Sensor connecting to a store’s wireless mesh network once the pallet arrives in store.

Why choose and accredited supplier ?

Its always wise to choose a supplier that is approved by the recognised safety and or contractor installation certification organisations. Universal Systems Controls are approved contractors for :

NICEIC electrical contractors

This UK recognised scheme is for electrical contractors undertaking design, installation, commissioning and electrical maintenance installations to British Standard 7671.

Safe Contractor

The certification is issued to contractors recognised and compliant with the UK health and safety regulations as issued by Safe Contractor certification.

Construction Line certification

USC is a member of Construction Line, the home to thousands of the best pre-qualified construction contractors & companies in the United Kingdom.

PICS Accreditation

USC is a PICS qualified supplier, PICS Connect the World’s Largest Companies to the Safest, Most Qualified Contractors in the UK.


Universal Systems Controls is a member of Achilles, a leading provider of supplier risk management services and pre- qualification programmes that drive continuous improvement throughout the industry.