Modifications & Refurbishments for BeMS

New technology is opening up new opportunities to retro-fit out-dated building-management systems with controls that can revolutionise energy practices within older buildings. USC offer the tools and expertise to modify and refurbish your existing BeMS equipment

Revolutionise building energy systems within older buildings.

The solution, for many organisations, has emerged as new technology makes it possible to upgrade legacy BeMS, reusing existing cabling and sensors/field devices. Previously, older buildings, burdened with out-dated controls technology that it was uneconomical to fully replace, had no choice but to ‘make do’. However, the ability to retrofit old systems with new controls represents a major move forward – a chance to implement better energy efficiency without the added expense and disruption of completely replacing the BMS.

With new-build developments off the agenda, it seems that the route towards a low-carbon Britain hinges on cutting carbon emissions by transforming existing building stock. Government advisory body, The Carbon Trust, estimates that 60% of the buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built. What’s more, nearly half of these buildings were constructed before 1985, which is when the energy-efficiency requirements of Part L were introduced. A substantial amount of energy can also be wasted as a result of out-dated building control systems.

Without the ability to closely monitor energy use across an entire site, in order to identify and target any energy leaks and anomalies, an organisation is left open to massive energy wastage. Investigations by leading consultancies, TNO, Senternovem and ISSO, have revealed that energy consumption in buildings is, on average, 25% higher than should be and this is largely because of incorrect climate-system settings. In a staggering 70% of buildings, the climate systems do not work at an optimum level.

Why choose and accredited supplier ?

Its always wise to choose a supplier that is approved by the recognised safety and or contractor installation certification organisations. Universal Systems Controls are approved contractors for :

NICEIC electrical contractors

This UK recognised scheme is for electrical contractors undertaking design, installation, commissioning and electrical maintenance installations to British Standard 7671.

Safe Contractor

The certification is issued to contractors recognised and compliant with the UK health and safety regulations as issued by Safe Contractor certification.

Construction Line certification

USC is a member of Construction Line, the home to thousands of the best pre-qualified construction contractors & companies in the United Kingdom.

PICS Accreditation

USC is a PICS qualified supplier, PICS Connect the World’s Largest Companies to the Safest, Most Qualified Contractors in the UK.


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