Building Energy Management System Installation

NCC Mechanical Services sought the expertise of Universal Systems and Controls to assist with a major BMS installation as part of a new building project at Ely College in Peterborough. The project – which provided a number of new classrooms, a performing arts centre/hall, post-16 facilities and a library, along with much needed new dining facilities was part of a multi-million pound build.

Most government funded educational establishments within the UK will acknowledge that budgets are tight and in order to safeguard and protect the core mission of providing optimal learning environments for their pupils, cost savings must be made. In order to do this many schools and colleges look to their building energy management contractors to proactively create even greater energy efficiencies by controlling energy usage and ‘future-proofing’ their buildings to adapt to changing energy needs.

Natural Ventilation System Installation

Ely College has currently completed 2 of its 3 ambitious build phases with USC installing large ‘Air Source’ heat pumps, which works by taking the natural heat from the air outside and converting it to usable heat – because it has an unlimited resource to draw from, there is a vast amount of usable energy. The heat pumps will monitor the building on a 24 hour basis to supply the required heating to the building via multiple underfloor heating manifolds.

USC also installed a Natural Ventilation System to the dining and communal areas to keep the Co2 and heating levels comfortable throughout the year. As can be seen in the diagram below, this system provides many benefits and is quickly becoming an essential part of the design in many new commercial builds.

With 13 Control Panels throughout the site, controlling all aspects of the heating and ventilation, air conditioning and energy metering USC is proud to be part of this exciting and progressive project.